Vincent Venema
Freelance Multidisciplinary Designer,
Creative Director

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Client — adidas
Project — Creators Club 2020
Role — Creative, art director

For 2020, we were asked to do a refresh of the Creators Club. The global membership program for adidas.
The brief was simple: Educate the creators on the membership and all its benefits. Highlighting the perks, how to earn points and level up. While keeping them engaged year-round.

Create a solid identity that is easily recognisable within the adidas world. That can be used for events, retail spaces,, app, social, crm and more. Works with different partnerships and is future proof.

Plays on perspective

Because of the task set to do, we created a high level visual concept, that can be easily adaptable in different places and works over a longer period of time.

The concept is about ‘plays with perspective’, by opening doors for creators and taking them on a journey they never thought possible. Supported by exclusive products, special offers and ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences, we enable creators to see and do more while empowering their creativity.
Key adidas touchpoints

Enticing creative was created for each unique touchpoint, backed up by a mapped out customer journey, UX and content strategy, and shot list.
A combination of stills and videos explain a variety of attractive benefits on mails, social, paid media, promotional videos for the adidas app and digital displays in adidas retail stores.  

The team

Art Director — Vincent Venema
Copywriter — John Moulder
Designer — Gijs van Niftrik
Project manager — Galini Zachou
Producers — Korinna Bognar, Jaime Watson
Photographer — Louis Browne, Neil Favila, Peter Hou
Director of Photography — Giorgio Bruni
Production — Stvdium

Motion — Woodwork & Jeff Beukema
Editor — Sanne van Hecke
Sound — Thndr

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