Vincent Venema
Freelance Art Director, Creative Director, Designer

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Client — G-Star RAW
Project — New Denim Arrivals
Role — Creative, art director
Experience an award-winning first in the commercial uses of WebGL technology. Explore the new G-Star RAW denim arrivals in a fluid 3D space composed of art pieces and exclusive products. Users can discover the full product range by fluidly floating through the cloud.

Blurring the line between creativity, interaction and technology

Inspired by new technologies, I created the concept and visualisation to translate the retail display visual into an interactive and unexpected digital experience.
Connecting the internal creative agency at G-Star RAW and an external digital production studio, I pushed digital creative and directed internal demands.

A journey through space

RAW New Arrivals allows users to explore and discover new denim innovation at G-Star. It’s an immersive 3D ‘Universe’ showcasing a selection of trademark G-Star denim objects and highlighting the new collection.

The platform bridges the gap between an immersive experience, a clean interface and a solid e-commerce solution. The Quick-buy feature allows the user to pick and purchase items straight from the cloud without interrupting the user journey.

The team

Design Director — Pascal Duval
Creative & Art Director — Vincent Venema
Copywriter — Paul Carroll
Producer — Alex Trengove Jones
Creative Studio — Cartelle
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