Vincent Venema

Freelance Digital Art Director,
Creative & Designer


Client — G-Star Raw
Project — Raw Episodes

Raw Episodes is an on going digital content series of G-Star RAW collaborations that showcase unconventional artists, creators, and craftsmen. Each episode takes us into the world of someone at the forefront of the massive cultural shifts happening around the world.

Concept — Vincent Venema, Stacey Griffin
Art Direction — Vincent Venema
Creative Producer — Teymoor Ghashghai
Creative Studio — Cartelle

March 21, 2014 - FWA mobile site of the day


Yuna Zarai is a singer/songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now living in Los Angeles. Known as much for her style as her music, Yuna was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and now lives in Los Angeles where she entwines her cultural background with the musical sounds of organic pop, R&B, soul and acoustic folk. Having already worked with notable producers like Pharrell Williams, Yuna is quickly rising from the musical underground.

Talent — Yuna Zarai
Director — Ross Haines
Director of Photography — Chris Zam
Photographer — Dominic Cooley
Photo Assitant/Digital tech — Lee Shaner
Producer — Stacey Griffin
Stylist — Candice Brittain
Make-up — Alana Dawn


The second episode is about fast rising South African installation artist Daniel Popper. Daniel is known for creating massive installations at festivals and events around the world. Now he’s expanding his talents by designing the interior for a new Cape Town nightclub and building the four story Nelson Mandela Tree of Wisdom.

Talent — Daniel Popper
Director/cameraman — Timmy Henney
Assistant camera — John Caramanus
Photographer — Paul ward
Producer — Stacey Griffin


We created a mobile site designed especially for the series. The immersive mobile experience mimics that of native smartphone apps but gives the user a familiar and initiative way to visually discover content.

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