Vincent Venema
Freelance Multidisciplinary Designer,
Creative Director

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Client — adidas outdoor
Project — SS 2019 adidas Terrex Freehiker
Role — Creative, art director
What happens when creators (constantly surrounded by ‘noise’) are immersed in total peace and quiet without pressure, or stress, or noise? Will they flourish, learn and grow as people?

Escape the noise with musician Diplo

Real and unfiltered

For the launch of the first ever adidas boost-equipped hiking boot the Terrex Freehiker, we wanted to show how escaping the noise can spark creativity. 
We brought true LA creators who normally create in far noisier environments, to the silent and calm Pacific Crest Trail to tell their real, human and emotionally engaging stories on how to recharge creatively. 

True LA Creators featuring Diplo, Marcel & Maya 

Grammy Award winning producer Diplo, Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur Maya French and top chef Marcel Vigneron take consumers to the vast and stunning surroundings of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Shot for its purpose

For the different platforms out there we created a range of different content pieces. Cinemagraphs, boomerangs, gifs and still photography.

For the ambassadors instagram accounts, PR assets (, and adidas channels (Newsroom, CRM, retail, and social).
Featured film

We created a special version featuring Diplo for main adidas instagram channel with 25.5m followers.

“as a busy creator music producer Diplo has a first-hand experience on how to use the outdoors to refresh and find inspiration for his next adventure.”

Seamless journey

We created a seamless journey approach across retail, social and the adidas ecosystem. No break in the flow, like a real conversation. With varied content over time to keep things interesting. Making the best creative for each unique touchpoint.
Digital identity

To visually connect all the different pieces, an identity was created which helped communicate the ‘escape the noise’ concept in motion and stills.

The Team

Sr. Art Director — Vincent Venema
Copywriter — Paul Mann
Motion Designer — Robert Glad
Photographers — Dylan Johnston & Vincent Venema

Designer — Jaimee Lowe
Director — Miko Lim
Director of Photography — Chris Alstrin

Producers — Jamie Watson, Ryan Brouillette, Andreas Keller
Editor — Govert Janse / Ambassadors

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