Calvin Klein -
Defy your world Twitch Event


Concept art - A 'Dare to Defy' virtual world created by Calvin Klein to connect with the gamerscene.


- Art direction
- Concept ideation
- Sketches


- Digital experience
- Gamers Tournament
- Twitch
- Virtual Worlds

For Calvin Klein's new 'Dare to Defy' fragrance, a virtual world was proposed to resonate with the massive gamers audience. In this environment, gamers were challenged to explore different spaces and levels while competiting with like minded ones. 

A live twitch tournament was organised challenging known professional gamers playing a variety of e-sport games combined with interviews and Q&A's.



Concept art - Through out the virtual world. Portals where placed opening up new levels with defy-ing visual experiences.


Concept Art - In the experience hidden perks were placed reflective of the brand codes.

Twitch Live Stream

For the Twitch community a gamers tournament was organised. Inviting you to compete with well-known Twitch gamers. The virtual world was used as part of a Twitch Broadcast package to connect the different worlds. psychical and the virtual world.


Concept art - Identity card for a streamers spotlight.


Concept art - Q&A visual featuring the hosts + gamers, recapping on played games.


Concept art - Host graphics.


Concept art - Pre-Stream countdown cycle.