Ministery of Health - Top athletes and youth on self-quarantine

The live event - announcement


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- Documentaries
- Short films
- Live stream event

Top athletes Rico Verhoeven (kick boxer), Celeste Plak (volleybal player) & Soufiane Touzani (freestyle footballer) reach out to the Dutch youth to talk about self-quarantining challenges due to the corona virus. 

With all the limitations that the covid lockdown brings, we want to show how you can make the best out of the situation and create an inspiring home environment filled with good vibes, in which you can flourish. Especially in a time that we miss each other, we connect through sharing new experiences.

We connected the top athletes with young people for an exchange about their experiences through a live streaming event. The short created documentaries the athletes provide ideas on taking care of mind, body and soul. And each other.