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Project - adidas Creators Club Launch
Client - adidas
Year - FW 2018

Introducing the adidas Creators Club, a membership program for true creators united as one. Join now to get inside and unlock the best of adidas. It's easy. It's free. It's time to create.

The concept communicates the benefits of having access to the adidas brand from the inside. We portray this in two ways that tease and ignite the feeling of being drawn in: enticing (when outside membership) and real, raw and fast (when inside membership).


The first global adidas membership program.

The ‘Creators Club’ launched in August 2018 in the United States before being introduced more widely around the globe.

We invited people to literally ‘Get Inside adidas’ prompting them to visit to sign up in return for a number of membership benefits including ‘Hype Access’, ‘Early Product Access’, ‘Special Event Access’ and more.

We created a number of short films to promote the primary benefits whilst supporting secondary benefits with the production of GIF and stills content to be used across channels including social media, the adidas app and CRM.

Get inside adidas

To promote the global adidas Creators Club, we highlight the key benefits through aspirational characters who inspire a generation of creators.

We show ‘born from sport’ moments with athletic or energetic moments in cross category scenarios (e.g. running scenes, football pitches, store hype drops and street fashion).

Film - Early product access

Film - Access to hype products

Film - Sneaker customisation

Film - Runtastic premium access

Film - Access to special events

Film - Giving back to the community

Enticing creative for each unique touchpoint, backed up by a mapped out customer journey, UX and content strategy, and shot list. 

Through imagery and short film content, we highlight exclusive membership rewards, such as access to special events, early product access, runtastic premium, hype access and more.

A combination of stills, video of boomerangs explain a variety of attractive benefits on CRM, social, in-app usage and promotion videos on the app store for the adidas app.


Art director - Vincent Venema
Copywriters - Paul Mann, John Moulder
Designer - Alfonso Rodriquez
Producer - Jamie Watson

Studio - Stink Studios
Director - Giorgio Bruni
Photographer - Will Robson Scott

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