Destroy to Construct

Digital experience

 AW 2013


- Art direction
- Digital creative concept
- UX & UI Design

Break everything apart to create the new using engaging technology. A digital visual experience that pushes the boundaries of typography, imagery and sound.

Project    Denim Craftmanship
Client      G-Star RAW
Studio     Cartelle

Design meets technology

The original theme of destroy and construct and the TVC formed the basis of the digital concept that I created together with Patricia Varella as part of the internal agency. 

By merging the latest tech with a clean design, a visual language was added that explains the fit and feel of the products in an enticing and interactive way.

Destroy to construct typography

The highlight of this campaign site included a massive, 3D widescreen landscape, all executed in canvas. Click and drag your way through the landscape to break apart and reconstruct the typography to discover each scene. 

The lookbook features a utilitarian design that allows users to uncover various looks with a simple swipe.


Creative Directors - Peter Hamelinck, Alvin Chan
Art Director - Vincent Venema, Patricia Varella
Copywriter - Paul Carroll
Producer - Teymoor Ghashghai
Studio - Cartelle