G-Star Raw —
The Art of Raw

- Art direction
- Digital creative concept
- UX & UI Design
- Digital experience
- Lookbook
- Influencer Marketing
Project - Denim Craftmanship
Client - G-Star RAW
Studio - Cartelle
Year - SS 2013

The Art of Raw is the G-Star's campaign that showcases a series of explorations into the unlimited possibilities of denim.

The digital experience goes more in depth in the process of denim creation. It captures the G-Star passion for denim, where it starts with the creation of the fabric, runs all the way through the design process, and ends with people from around the world styling it their own way.


Brand experience

It starts with the campaign's centerpiece, a fully CGI macro-level journey through the denim creation process with a musical collaboration from Skrillex. In addition, the site walks visitors through the denim-making process while highlighting their latest collection and lookbook.



As the art director on this project I was responsible for extending the television commercial into a concept that ticked all the boxes of a digital campaign.

Dissecting the TVC into different chapters, starting with showing the actual process of how G-Star makes their denim in four different videos, shot in the Milan factory.

Completing the journey with bloggers from around the world wearing the actual product, but styling it their own way. Using their fan base to create more awareness around the brand.

Ambilight video

"The Making of Denim" is a collection of four videos that provide a deeper look into G-Star's love for denim and thoughtful manufacturing process.

The videos within the campaign site offer a unique, enhanced experience; a real-time "Ambilight" effect that color matches the site background, giving the video an even more immersive feel.


Intuitive navigation

With loads of sites out there leveraging vertical scroll, we tried to pay close attention to introducing unique features and details to ensure this site was a special one.

One of these features is the "snap" scrolling which intuitively guides the user through each page with either a simple tap, trackpad scroll or subtle scrollbar movement.

If a page extends the view of the window, we introduce hover-panning, a classic mechanic from the Flash days that allow users to browse tall pages and portrait photo's without a click, making for a buttery-smooth experience.

The unlimited possibilities of styling

G-Star RAW teamed up with bloggers from around the world to see how they style the G-Star Elwood. In collaboration with Street Etiquette from New York, we asked them to style it their own way.


Creative Director - Alvin Chan
Design Director - Pascal Duval
Art Director - Vincent Venema
Copywriter - Paul Carroll
Producer - Teymoor Ghashghai
Studio -  Cartelle

Hero film - Glassworks
Sound & music - Skrillex
Denim factory films - Marc van Fucht


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