Hyundai —
I'm in Charge
with Malin Fezehai

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Project - I'm in charge
Client - Hyundai
Agency - Scholz & Friends
Year - 2020

We all can change the world by doing what we can do by taking charge. We asked Hyundai ambassadors BTS, Maria Cornejo, David de Rothschild, Malin Fezehai, James Dunmore to share their vision on building a more sustainable future.

This editorial, one of many, is an interview with Malin Fezehai, she was the photographer behind the first iPhone picture to ever win a World Press Photo Award. 

We created an indepth story about Malin and how to travel more sustainable. The visual journalist shares what it means to be in charge, and how she hopes to live a more sustainable life because of it.

The copy, photography and short films were made for numerous touchpoints including social. 


"I have become aware of trying to travel in a more sustainable way, and minimizing my own carbon footprint and my own impact in the world."

Malin Fezehai

As a photographer and visual journalist specializing in human-interest stories, Malin Fezehai’s work has taken her across the globe. Her stories feature climate refugees, people dislocated by war, and different rituals around the world.



Photographer/Talent - Malin Fezehai

Creative Director - Vincent Venema
Senior Creative - Anne Marie Longtine
Designer - Sasa Granados Escobar
Copywriter - Hannah Summers
Producer - Kriszta Csala
Editor - Arthur Heisler

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