VanMoof —
The only way to move

- Creative Director
- Social films
- Graphic Design
- Motion Behavior
Project - SA5 Sales Restart
Client - VanMoof
Year - 2024

The newly-refined and updated VanMoof S5 & A5. Packed with industry-leading VanMoof tech and refined to give you an entirely frictionless riding experience, this fully-integrated e-bike is the most advanced on the road.

With every feature designed to create a freeing and invigorating ride, there’s nothing like moving through the city on a VanMoof S5 or A5.


The creative is about the seamless riding experience, ease of use and effortless design. 

Feature 01. Boost

Feature 02. - Kick Lock

Feature 03. - Anti-Theft

A bespoke warm ambient soundtrack.

Together with THNDR, we created a bespoke soundtrack for the mini series. A supportive and delicate ambient track, enhancing to the entire mood of the experience.

Utilizing a modular synthesizer and an all-analog signal path, we’ve woven a subtle yet distinct vibe into each piece. This approach not only amplified the visuals aesthetic but also embodies the ease of use these bikes represent.

As the animations evolves, you’ll experience the added synergy between motion and sound, each note tailored to underscore the iconic design language of the VanMoof S5 and A5.

The only way to move


CMO - Scott Kennedy
Creative Director - Vincent Venema
Social - Anastasia Gorshkova, Alice Ng, Aurelia Grajdieru
Production - Samara van der Valk
Motion Graphics & edit - Rob Wienk
Design - Juul Donkers
Copy - Anna Holbrook, Ava MacPherson

3D CGI - Builders Club, Uni_verse
Music & Sound Design - THNDR Studio

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